About Us

PNS HOME. has been a leading general contractor in Ne Jersey, for nearly 25 years. We have a strong reputation for successfully handling all phases of commercial projects. Though we’ve grown, we still believe that no project is too small.

When it comes to relationships with clients, we always insist our employees aim for total customer satisfaction. We want all of our customers to be able to happily recommend us to their associates. Client satisfaction is an important measure of success.

We are able to satisfy customers by doing our absolute best on each project. We stand behind our work no matter what. Although we are aggressive in the marketplace, we are proud that a majority of our business is based on repeat customers.


  • Surpass expectations for excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Continue providing value for the customer
  • Inspire new ideas
  • Foster growth through customer referrals
  • Give the best service to our customers

Pedro Ortiz